Tea Party Simulator 2015

Tea Party Simulator 2015

Simulation game to help you become a one-handed tea party extraordinaire
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With a new “random table layout” feature, Tea Party Simulator 2015 brings the art of preparing tea parties to the next level. This simulation game requires a very high level of precision on your part – however, even though it’s very likely that you will be knocking down cups, cakes, and teapots for a while, fun is guaranteed.

As they say, practice makes perfect, and this – together with a great deal of patience – is precisely what you need to move from level to level in this game. You will only see your left hand, and this is all you will be allowed to use to make tea, pour it, and serve cake slices, cookies, etc. Each finger has been assigned a key, and you can use the mouse to turn your wrist in the right direction and to move your left hand up and down. It takes a while to get used to the perspective shown by the program’s graphics – it leaves room for further improvement in future versions of the game, but despite some minor levels of distortion, it is just a matter of time and patience that you get the hang of it.

The program will show you a different table layout at every try, unless you turn that option off. Besides, I have read that there are Easter eggs scattered around the table to make the game play even more interesting and challenging, but I admit I couldn’t find any. Getting my hand around things without knocking them over was hard enough, let alone looking for hidden stuff.

Tea Party Simulator 2015 promises hours and hours of fun mixed with a high dose of patience and surgeon-like precision.

FM Senior editor
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  • Random table layout when starting a new game
  • Nice graphics
  • Can be customized to fit your screen and graphics configuration
  • Allows you to disable certain options to boost performance


  • Perspective offers room for improvement


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